Life During COVID-19

Life during COVID-19 at Aldersgate

COVID-19 has proven to be exceedingly challenging for us all, including our residents and team members. With that said, we’ve come together to navigate these extraordinary times to continue and enhance our best practices to keep our vulnerable population protected, connected and well served.

More Attractive Than Ever

During the pandemic, our campus was even more attractive and relevant with our wide-open spaces. Aldersgate’s acres of nature trails, a spring-fed lake and gorgeous scenery offer a welcome change of pace, especially when compared to many high-rise, high-density senior living options located closer to downtown Charlotte. For those who love to walk, garden, stroll with their dog and enjoy the great outdoors, Aldersgate offers plenty of space to roam.

Hospitality-Style Concierge Services

During COVID-19 precautions, we delivered all meals, grocery and prescriptions right to resident doors, helping to reduce the potential of coming in contact with COVID-19 while running errands.

Safe Socializing & Outdoor Living

Perfect for Covid precautions, our campus offers social distancing measures, our residents can enjoy the company of friends in many outdoor areas, including our dog park and fire pit. During open-air social hours, residents can stay connected while wearing masks and staying safely apart.

A Solid Track Record

We remain diligent and have kept our residents secure  and were staunch advocates for early vaccinations for elders. We’ve had three deficiency-free infection control surveys by The Department of Health and Human Services at Asbury during COVID.


The Rose & The Ivy Pub at Aldersgate offers outdoor seating for pub-style appetizers and snacks, along with wine, beer and craft cocktails. The fire pit area is a perfect spot for appetizers and cocktails. Lunch and dinner can be delivered room-service style to resident cottages and apartments. Currently, all of our dining venues follow mandated guidelines for occupancy.


Currently, our indoor pool is fully open. Our indoor fitness areas are open with exercise equipment safely spaced apart and consistently disinfected. We offer fresh air, outdoor exercise classes, bocce ball and a three-hole, three-par golf area. We stream exercise classes so residents can safely exercise in their own homes.

Free On-Site Testing

Residents can receive COVID-19 testing at our independent living wellness clinic without leaving campus or waiting in long lines at a public site. To safeguard our community, Aldersgate team members are tested based on CDC guidelines and Health Department guidelines.

On-Site Recovery

If a resident does contract COVID-19 and has mild to no symptoms, they can choose to quarantine in their home and receive care on campus without having to visit the hospital. Those with more moderate to more severe symptoms can receive skilled nursing care in our COVID-only neighborhood at Asbury Rehabilitation.

Safe Separation

In the event of a positive case, we practice safe separation to a designated skilled nursing neighborhood to prevent resident exposure. We have designated healthcare workers and team members who tend ONLY to residents who have contracted COVID-19. To avoid potential spread, these same healthcare workers do not care for other long-term nursing patients in other parts of the community.

New Residents

To safeguard our community, all new residents are tested for COVID-19 before they are qualified to move in.

NOTE: This list will be updated as we move forward in the months ahead.

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